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Miss Lucy Had Some Leeches

Crazy He Calls Me

Lucy Leech
7 September
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Lucy Leech was born September 7th, 1981 to Terrence and Kimberly Leech. An active and imaginative girl, she had a reasonably happy childhood in a nice part of suburbia. She spent her youth playing, learning to play the violin, and honing a minor talent for painting.

Then, at the age of sixteen, she discovered she apparently had the power to inspire people. Reveling in her newfound abilities, she told her parents. Terrence and Kimberly, worried about their daughter's mental health, sent her to a psychiatrist, whom Lucy inadvertently inspired to commit her. After a few days of solitary confinement for "bad behavior," Lucy was finally allowed into the breakroom with the other inmates -- including a recovering pyromaniac.

The asylum went up in flames that night. Lucy escaped the blaze uninjured, but vowed to both keep her powers quiet from then on, and to never let anything like that happen again. And so she returned home, eventually going to college and landing a job working backstage at a theater, doing her best to use her powers for good.

RP Journal maintained by docsgirl. Lucy is an original character, inspired by the song "Miss Lucy Had Some Leeches." Her PB is Emilie Autumn. No copyright infringement intended.